Zouk, N° 12 : Petite sorcière deviendra grande

BD Kids
Couverture de « Petite sorcière deviendra grande »


In this twelfth series of the adventures of Zouk, the little witch with the big personality wants to do everything like a big girl, and ends up having BIG adventures.
7 stories appear for the first time in book form: Nothing Scares Zouk!–… Read more  Like a Grown-Up – Vrooom – Doctor Gébobola – Recipe to Become a Big Sister – The Perfect Big Brother – A Great Poetess.

Author : Serge Bloch

Illustrator : Nicolas Hubesch

3 and up

Serie: Zouk

Collection: Mini BD Kids Zouk

Publication date:

Themes: growing uphumourwitchcraft

Retail price: 9,95 €

N°EAN 9782747057981
Number of pages 64


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