Polo, N° 01 : Le voyage de Polo

Couverture de « Le voyage de Polo »


Polo puts on his bag pack, picks up an umbrella, leaves home and sets off on a journey… During this delightful adventure, Polo follows his curiosity, imagination and chance meetings.
He travels on a cloud, a boat, a plane, a hot-air balloon,… Read more  a submarine and a rocket…
He visits the depths of the oceans, volcanic islands, inside icebergs, the moon… Polo does a world tour before going back home, all the richer for his experience and his new friends.

Illustrator : Régis FALLER

2 and up

Serie: Polo

Collection: Mini BD Kids Polo

Publication date:

Themes: adventuredreammeeting people

Retail price: 9,95 €

N°EAN 9782747068260
Number of pages 80
Binding Sewn, paper cover with flaps


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