Qui est le coupable ? À l’école

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Who sabotaged lunch in the cafeteria? Who glued the teacher to his chair? Who made mashed potatoes into rockets during geography class? Who locked Cro-Magnon in the broom cupboard? Read the stories of each of the students attending this crazy… Read more  school, and find out just who the culprit is thanks to the clues scattered throughout! Close the shutters on the characters who don’t match the culprit’s description until there’s only one left, and you’ve completed the investigation! 15 cases, 15 suspects… Can you identify them all?

Author : Pascal Prévot

Illustrator : Vincent Caut

7 and up

Collection: Albums livres jeux

Publication date:

Themes: investigationschoolseek and find game

Retail price: 12,90 €

N°EAN 9782745990907
Format 215 x 245 mm
Number of pages 40