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No fusspots here! Yes, water gets you wet! But all you need is a towel to dry yourself! Easy, isn’t it? So, jump in with Sissy Rène, Max Iplouf, Hua Quatik, and Youri Pokamp!
You will discover the intelligent side of water with activities… Read more  that get your grey cells working. To cast off, you learn to build the craziest machines! You can play for hours, with practically no materials, at the pool or at the seaside, or explore the village pond, a mine of treasures…
With no less than 27 activities to keep you busy, there’s something for all tastes: physical, useful, mysterious, technical… Between the dancing liquids, the secret of the stalactites, the pocket submarine, the dungeon of the abyss, the boudoir-bathroom, the refreshing fountain, the delicious ice, the powers of salt, rainbows, apple fishing, zany soap, the tadpole pond, the wash-o-matic, the spare watering can, the spurting ball, the young fisherman’s kit, the art of ricochets, fish gymnastics… The choice is yours!
Since water is precious, no way we’re going to waste it. When the game is over, you can give the water a second life by watering your plants or washing your bicycle!

8 and up

Collection: COPAIN JEUX

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Themes: activitiesgameleisurenature

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N°EAN 9782745975010
Format 160 x 200 mm
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