Copain – Farces et attrapes

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Do you know how to trick your family and friends on all occasions? Igor Rifique, Parvati Larante, Amédée Goûtant and Alex Plosive tell all the secrets of their best pranks: the thread that drives you mad, the unnerving corridor, the infernal… Read more  dinner, the sectioned finger, the trap in the W.C., and many more. Ideal to warm up the atmosphere and amuse children and adults alike (+ advice on how to avoid your console being confiscated by irritated adults). A « Copain jeux » that has proved its worth… still a must for parents keen to develop their offspring’s intelligence!

Auteurs : Myriam MartelleNicolas Martelle

Illustrator : Lucie Bryon

8 and up

Collection: COPAIN JEUX

Publication date:

Themes: activitiesjokesleisurepals (UK) buddies (US)

Retail price: 9,90 €

N°EAN 9782745986665
Format 160 x 200 mm
Number of pages 96


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