Copain – Cabanes et cachettes

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Build a shack or fix up your own little secret place, It’s not so difficult! All you need is imagination, some materials, and a little technique… but especially, you need this little book full of ideas!
Oscar Boricole, Yoko Cooning, Pietro… Read more  Glodyte and Olga Mouflage pooled their talents to teach us how to build shacks, all of them with their own charm. With well-prepared plans and sometimes the help of a grown-up, the most eccentric hiding places become totally possible…
In this « Copain jeux », you’ll find how to build a shack in your home, a cardboard house, an igloo with milk cartons, a tent-shack, a hiding place, a quickly-built hut, a domed shack, a woven hut, a Bantu hut, a shelter on a slope, an Indian tipi, a hut out of waste materials, Robinson’s house, a living shack, an aquatic shack, an underground den, a tree hut, a tripod tower, an isba, an elf’s palace, a pirates’ den, a trolls’ den, a vampire’s cave, the hero’s base and the mad scientist’s lab.
To keep busy alone or with friends, build a second place where you can feel at home!

Auteurs : Myriam MartelleNicolas Martelle

Illustrator : Lucie Bryon

8 and up

Collection: COPAIN JEUX

Publication date:

Themes: activitiesDIYdo-it-yourselfleisurenature

Retail price: 9,90 €

N°EAN 9782745975003
Format 160 x 200 mm
Number of pages 96


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