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These 35 challenges, which are simple, accessible, easy-to-do and entertaining, have been adapted from experiments carried out on television. They can be done at home using simple materials found around the house, and with or without the assistance… Read more  of an adult – the case always being specified.
The challenges are grouped into 5 themes:
• The Chef’s Challenges: Make sweets, build an edible house, slice onions without crying, make chewing gum…
• The Physicist’s Challenges: Play with static electricity, reproduce an avalanche in a bowl, defy gravity…
• The Muscle-Man Challenges: test your reflexes, juggle like an expert, make a sand yacht, a kite, a boomerang, a yoyo, skimming stones…
• The Mad Scientist’s Challenges: create cold without a fridge, make giant soap bubbles, illuminate a light bulb with lemons, make a water rocket, create a water vortex, calculate a dog’s IQ, resist an optical illusion…
• The Creator’s Challenges: draw with an eraser, manufacture paper, make a pan’s pipe with tubes, create a mini maze, make lipstick…
At the back of the book: Cards to cut out and decorate your challenges, a super model of a boomerang, stickers, including some related to the TV show to customise your T-shirts!

Illustrator : DAVID DE THUIN

8 and up

Collection: 100% Activités

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Themes: challengemarriagescience

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100% Activités

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