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A board game with 900 questions to test your knowledge of the TV show, what you know about science, to challenge your friends or parents with physical challenges, art competitions, mimes…
Rules of the game:
Each player plays in turn.… Read more  The score on the dice lets you move your pawn along the board. The type of box you land in decides the category of question:
Cobayes (3 levels of difficulty)
TV (knowledge of the programme)
Challenges (Mime, drawing, test)
Watch out for trap boxes: Mission (miss a turn) Mad scientist (change pawns with your neighbour) RDV in the lab (miss 2 turns) Bomb box (everyone moves back 4 boxes).
Do your best to land on the Super James box, you’ll move 3 boxes forward…
The first person to arrive in the shed is the winner, and becomes a member of the elite club of Cobayes!
Box (200×200) containing:
• 300 cards ( 3 questions per card).
• 1 dice, 1 egg timer, 1 folding board (340×340), 6 pawns

7 and up

Collection: 100% Activités

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Themes: challengegamemimescience

Retail price: 21,90 €

N°EAN 9782747056106
Format 340 x 340 mm
Number of pages 250

100% Activités

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