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Brain-teasers that demand logic and reasoning: mathematical, geometric and visual… 3D constructions to build, numbers to find, puzzle letters and phrases, grills of words, hidden messages… Our all-time favourite brain-teasers are here, with… Read more  colourful and amusing illustrations.
But as the two authors are scientists first and foremost, so they have also included experiments that explain enigmatic phenomena (passing a wire through an ice cube, balancing two forks on a cork… etc.), and to test your balance, along with numerous games involving fake photos, and maps of the world and the heavens…
A book for the entire family to enjoy! Sure to appeal to all brain-teaser fans, from 7 to 107!

Auteurs : françois aulascamille aulas

Illustrator : DUME

10 and up

Collection: 100% Activités

Publication date:

Themes: experimentslogicwordplay

Retail price: 16,90 €

N°EAN 9782747064736
Number of pages 80

100% Activités

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