Qui est le coupable ? Chez les pirates

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A new episode of « Who did it? » – the book that combines the pleasure of reading with investigating and playing games! After the Mordoré Castle, welcome aboard the galleon “L’Écrevisse de rempart » ! Each of the 15 characters is the… Read more  victim of a horrible attack: Who mixed up the bones of Bob Beef Steak, the captain’s skeleton? Who played a cruel joke on Curly? Who did Turnip Juice’s work? Who sawed the bottom of Baron Alembic’s barrel ?…The young reader has to find the culprit by following the tangible clues given by witnesses and integrated into the story: the culprit had pointed ears, we found a black hair… Each clue permits the reader to eliminate a suspect. In the example given they can exclude all those who don’t have pointed ears or black hair. Until there’s only one left. The investigation proceeds in a concrete manner using a clever system of windows to close on the cover, the same principle as the famous « Who is it? » game.
Pascal Prévot has succeeded in combining interactivity and play with lively, funny stories that can be read on their own, despite being linked by a guiding wire leading from page to page.

Author : Pascal Prévot

Illustrator : Didchocolatine

5 and up

Collection: Qui est le coupable ?

Publication date:

Themes: gameinvestigationpirates

Retail price: 12,90 €

N°EAN 9782745976208
Number of pages 48

Qui est le coupable ?

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