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Your path is strewn with traps! The players will have to jump on a lama’s back, cross a bridge suspended over a precipice, frighten a gorilla and try not to fall into the red abyss…
Protect the animals
Track the… Read more  poachers to save the baby koalas, help the crocodiles in Siam to cross the river, Watch over an albatross nest…
1 snakes and ladders revisited – Snakes and Giraffes!
1 Ludo game, ‘My littles Ponies’
The games are designed for 2-6 players
Average game lasts 10 minutes
2 dice and 8 apwns incorporated

4 and up

Collection: Livres jeux

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N°EAN 9791027601745
Format 230 x 250 mm
Number of pages 10

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