Les super-labyrinthes de l’espace

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Mazes with wheels, holes, 3D mazes, unfolding mazes… Welcome to Les Super-Labyrinthes de l’espace.
The infamous Reductos has invented a vacuum cleaner to reduce the size of the galaxies! Celeste and Neutrino, the intergalactic detectives,… Read more  won’t just sit back and let him! They set off to destroy the dreadful machine.
Go with Celeste and Neutrino on their voyage, lead them through the labyrinth of the cosmos. Watch out for dead-ends, monsters and black holes, and make sure the galaxies get back to their normal dimensions!
A game book that plunges us into countless mazes, sometimes 3D and sometimes with moving features.
Will you manage to thwart the horrible plans of Reductos?

Illustrator : Loïc Méhée

Author and illustrator : Loïc Méhée

5 and up

Collection: Albums livres jeux

Publication date:

Themes: gamemazespace

Retail price: 16,50 €

N°EAN 9782745978745
Format 210 x 300 mm
Number of pages 26

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