Le grand cahier d’activités de la famille Oukilé : hiver

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Where are the Oukilés? Under the snow, skiing, at the circus, or in the Great North? Find them as they travel the world and play games with them!
– Seek and find: find each little square in 14 big pictures
– Colour in: eight giant… Read more  drawings to colour
– Games and decors to complete with stickers
– 950 stickers to play and decorate your drawings, letters, notebooks…

Author and illustrator : Béatrice VEILLON

3 and up

Collection: La famille Oukilé

Publication date:

Themes: colouringdiscoverygamestickers

Retail price: 9,90 €

N°EAN 9782747058438
Format 235 x 265 mm
Number of pages 80

La famille Oukilé

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