Crazy insectes

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Crazy insects, 8 insects dissected by paper engineer Camille Baladi, to be put together again in a big format. 8 insects to assemble piece by piece, like a puzzle, to understand how they are made up of three main parts (head, thorax, abdomen), 3… Read more  pairs of legs with joints, and – depending on their anatomy – their other properties (wings, antenna, elytra, mandibles, and pincers…). 8 insects that will never be forgotten by anyone who reconstructs their bodies, to frame and keep, or to play with.

Author and illustrator : Camille BALADI

8 and up

Collection: Papier, colle, ciseaux

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Themes: creative leisuresgardeninsectsnature

Retail price: 11,90 €

N°EAN 9782745978684
Format 216 x 246 mm
Number of pages 24

Papier, colle, ciseaux

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