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Crazy guirlandes, 4 x 3D garlands with a variety of shapes imagined by paper engineer Camille Baladi, designed by Annelore Parot, who also created the patterns. 4 garlands to make piece by piece; 4 garlands that look so lovely when they are… Read more  assembled, ready to install in children’s bedrooms or any other room in the house to decorate a wall, a shelf, a window or a table as the fancy takes you… or to play with: you can undo the garlands and put them together again, mixing the shapes and patterns to suit your mood, as your fancy takes you…

Illustrator : Annelore Parot

Author and illustrator : Camille BALADI

6 and up

Collection: Papier, colle, ciseaux

Publication date:

Themes: creative leisuresdecorationgarlands

Retail price: 11,90 €

N°EAN 9782745980885
Format 216 x 246 mm
Number of pages 8

Papier, colle, ciseaux

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