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18 scenes illustrated on double spreads show different places in Monstroville, the capital where all sorts of monsters live: the town hall square, the monster shops (opticians for cyclops and tooth filers) and monsters from Glagla land to look for… Read more  among the stalactites and stalagmites, or in the ice-cream factory, and much more. The idea is to colour in the various features or characters you find in the illustration. In the final scene, the characters interact to create a scene within the scene – only the burglars have been coloured. The gang, now clearly visible thanks to the colour, are caught red-handed.

Illustrator : Vincent Béchet

5 and up

Collection: Cahiers créatifs

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Retail price: 4,99 €

N°EAN 9791027602759
Format 217 x 245 mm
Number of pages 40

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