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Each letter of the alphabet is matched with an animal to arouse children’s curiosity and awaken their desire to understand. The association is also an excellent aid to memorization.
Early readers will also discover different forms of… Read more  writing, vowels and consonants, and enjoy playing a big seek and find game with letters!
Here, the letters are displayed in all their visual and learning forms to help children gain a creative acquisition of this basic skill.
With its clear hierarchy of pictures and explanatory texts, this poster treats the subject in depth. All children need for a successful acquisition of the alphabet, from the age of 3.
Foreground: Zoom on letters from A to Z with various representations (animal whose name begins by the letter, block and cursive…).
In the mid-ground:
– a big seek and find game with a list of 100 words invites children to identify the illustration that corresponds to each term;
– groups of vowels and consonants.
A poster the child will never tire of reading and admiring!


3 and up

Collection: Mes années pourquoi - posters éducatifs

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Mes années pourquoi - posters éducatifs

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