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In their busy lives, children need moments of calm and relaxation. To overcome negative emotions, control nervousness or just do their bodies good, it is possible to develop the child’s well-being. The twelve posters in this book show the child… Read more  gymnastics, yoga and relaxation exercises, to help them face the stressful situations of everyday life. Doing your body goodI breathe deeply – I do stretching (morning) – I relax from head to toe – I become aware of my whole body – I concentrate – I keep balanceControlling negative emotionsI play with emotions – I bring out my anger (the lion) – I bring out aggressiveness (yoga: the warrior), I’m not afraid any more (managing fear)End of the day rituals – a little gym for the evening (winding down) – the bedtime ritualWith their generous format and detailed, realistic pictures these posters are authen-tic educational tools.

3 and up

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