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A new take on building games that puts the accent on fun. In the book, game ideas with dozens of models to construct to awaken young imaginations. It’s not just a question of playing with blocks and matching the pictures on their surface. It’s… Read more  also an open game – without rules – offering hundreds of possible imaginary creations. Younger and older children will find something to arouse their interest, according to their abilities.
After playing, the blocks go back into the box in a jiffy! Archi-blocs invite children to think rather than copy a model. Inspired by the teaching methods of Froebel, Montessori and Reggio, who were convinced of children’s huge creative and inventive powers when they are given material that offers multiple experiences. The parent has a privileged role to play in this activity: as a guide, a helping hand, a partner in play. Parents will have as much fun as their offspring!

4 and up

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