Vous avez dit vocation ?

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What does it mean to seek one’s vocation? What should we understand by this term? What does it mean, to be ‘called’? Who is called? What does vocation mean today? Christoph Theobald invites us to rethink in depth what we mean by ‘vocation’… Read more  in Christian terms. Vocation is the fundamental experience of faith, the reception of God’s call. All of us must experience the call of vocation. Beyond pastoral quarrels, or questions of religious sociology;everyone is called.Starting out from Bible readings, this book seeks to help us understand the dimension of God’s call in the Bible and tradition; then provides precisebearings to identify the diverse vocations in human community andin the precariousness of today’s Christian communities.This book is both an original reflection on the meaning of vocation and a practical guide to identify vocations.“We must consider all specific vocations as an expression of the baptismal vocation, and as a service of human vocation, always utterly unique.”


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