Transmettre un évangile de liberté

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How should we recount the Gospel today?
We are in danger of no longer being able to pose the fundamental questions regarding our existence. There may be many reasons for this mutism:the impossibility of inhabiting the crystallized languages of… Read more  our Christiantradition; the absence of attentive listeners capable of soliciting our words,to tell what dwells within us and describe the world as we perceive it… The apostle Paul situates that surprising event, which is speaking, at the heart of an ordeal or a ‘crossing’: speaking becomes an inner need for one whose expression is the only means of ‘manifesting life even in the bosom of death’: ‘I did believe, therefore I spoke’ (Ps. 116; Co 4, 10). This human experience, often acquired with difficulty, is the expression par excellence of a Gospel of freedom whose transmission depends on veryprecise human and spiritual conditions. The author’s intention is to deployand reveal them.


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