Un chemin sans chemin

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“Human beings need to follow a path that guides and supports them, to prevent getting lost and avoid dead ends. But sometimes they can’t find the path. Faith, religious or not, is lost. Reason can do nothing. How do you cross this desert? What… Read more  new, undiscovered path can you find?”
Maurice Bellet, revisiting with fervour the antique themes of mysticism and wisdom, the Way and the Path as figures of human life, brings us one of his most poignant books: a human reflection on despair, depression, the feeling of failure and abandon…
When you lose your way, what can you do? The author proposes three great and original meditations: 1. When you stray from your path; 2. When you lose your faith; 3. When you have to pick things up and continue.
This book is for all those who have, at least once in their lives, lost direction, faith, etc. Readers will discover that this is a very great ancient and founding experience, at the heart of the most beautiful and disturbing mystical adventures, and paradoxically, the nocturnal threshold of impressive regenerations…


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