Qu’est-ce que la vie éternelle ?

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« Eternal life? Even believers aren’t sure about that… » We often hear the quip around us. A number of French Catholics go to Sunday mass more or less regularly, where they unhesitatingly repeat the Creed: “I look for the resurrection of… Read more  the dead and the life of the world to come” (Symbolum Nicaenum —Constantinople). But how should we understand the notion of “eternal life” today? How can we accept it when we have, in our own lives, experienced the loss of a loved one, a separation, the injustice of incurable disease or an accident?
Drawing on testimonies gathered in his parish, Michel Wackenheim brings us a discerning word, addressing believers and non-believers. Discussing notions such as immortality, resurrection, reincarnation… he poses the question: what are the great conceptions of wisdom about death and what comes after death? What does faith in a future life mean? The author answers many of our questions, to reveal the uniqueness of the Christian assertion: our story does not end with death…

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