Minuscule traité acide de spiritualité

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A surprising little book that combines humour and criticism. Success of the author’s previous book.
This short book consists of 4 texts: a collection of spiritual reflections, often funny yet uncompromising on subjects such as humanity, God,… Read more  morals, prayer, the Church… ; a pastiche of an imaginary encyclical on the future of the Church and two spiritual meditations. “The reader will discover, I hope, that from beginning to end, only one thing matters: how, through laughter and tears, can we poor humans carry the weight of our own lives?” No doubt for the first time Maurice Bellet presents, in an original and roundabout way, a lucid and critical vision of the Church and the faith of his contemporaries … but without losing a sense of humour and a certain dose of hope. M. Bellet claims that the Church is waiting; hoping that initiatives comparable to that of Francis of Assisi or Ignatius of Loyola will appear…


Collection: Spiritualité

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N°EAN 9782227481886


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