Le jardinier de Tibhirine

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A testimony that calls upon us to inspect our preconceived ideas on dialogue with others, Islam and the heritage of the monks of Tibhirine.
ean-Marie Lassausse, a native of Vosges, was born into a farming family with lots of children. Today, he… Read more  is the ‘gardener of Tibhirine’. He works on the land with Algerians and Muslims. His ministry as a priest has taken him to Tanzania, Ethiopia, Morocco, and to Algeria where he has remained since 2000.His simple, deep testimony pleads for a ‘Church that is a meeting place’. He believes that his experience, his travels into ‘other people’s lands’ can contribute to the reflection on the disaffection for churches in the West, and especially help understand the urgency of a pastoral that encourages meeting with others.He discovered the spiritual heritage of the brothers of Tibhirine principally through dialogue with the local population and Islam. In this book, he recalls the testimonies of Muslims about Father Christian de Chergé’s community, the martyrdom of the monks, relations with the monks and their tangible heritage, which may appear to be without an heir today..

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