Couverture de « JOURNAL, TIBHIRINE 1993-1996 »


New, enriched edition of Brother Christophe’s writings.
“With Brother Christophe’s diary, we hold in our hands a day-by-day account of the events that took place in the Tibhirine community from August 1993 to March 19, 1996 (seven days… Read more  before they were taken).This testimony is that of a holy man and a poet, gardener by trade and monk by vocation. Christophe touches us by the sincerity of his confession as a Christian and by the quality of his expression and the depth of spirituality in his monastic life… but also by the very tangible colour of his ‘confessions’. I dare use this word because they remind me of the confidences of Saint Augustine, exactly fifteen centuries before in Algeria.” Mgr. Teissier. This new edition of Brother Christophe’s diary was edited by Brother Didier de Tamié, at the request of Christophe’s family. The diary assembles many personal meditations on the Cross, love and the gift of God, published here for the first time. Brother Christophe is revealed to be an authentic writer and spiritual poet of rare power and intensity

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