Jésus, j’y crois

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In simple and personal terms, Michael Lonsdale shares what lies at the heart of his faith. At the root is Jesus, a meeting, a rebirth. Since then, the actor has made his way with his travelling companion: ‘Jesus, he’s like a friend you can tell… Read more  everything. He doesn’t reply directly, but I feel his presence in many human beings, through events.’
Looking back over his life, Michael Lonsdale recounts these events and meetings that made him discover and love Christ. The intimate, devout side of an actor with a most impressive career and a moving testimony.
Poignant in his interpretation of Brother Luc de Tibhirine in Xavier Beauvois’ film, Of Gods and Men (2011), the actor with 130 films to his credit has played alongside the greatest. But nothing has distanced him from the simple faith he expresses here with confidence and generosity.

Author : Michael Lonsdale

Collection: Spiritualité

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Themes: Jesusreligion

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