Je vous écris de la Terre sainte

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David Neuhaus knows the Holy Land extremely well. A resident since the age of 15, he took Israeli nationality. Converted to Christianity, he became a Jesuit and forged bonds with all the communities, all the religious figures and inhabitants of all… Read more  social classes. This book is organized around three main themes: the Holy Land Today, Judeo-Christian relations, and the Bible and the Holy Land.
He defends the idea that in the Holy land, although the Christians are few, poor and powerless, they are all the freer to live the Gospel.
As for Christians in the West, he encourages them to use language that will describe reality in a new perspective: the Holy Land is the place where God placed Jews, Christians and Muslims, not to fight but to mutually recognise their brothers and sisters.
A powerful, beautiful book, based on solid theological arguments and clearly written in a style that emanates kindliness.


Translated by : ELSA BOYER

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