Je crois en l’homme

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Jean-Louis Tauran was made a Cardinal by John-Paul II in 2003, and since then, he has been travelling the world assisting the popes he has served. Most exceptionally, Pope Francis confirmed him in this office in 2014, naming him Carmerlengo of the… Read more  Holy Roman Church. The second highest-ranking figure in the Vatican, he is responsible for the formal determination of the death of the reigning Pope before the election of his successor. In this first book, made up of different written texts or speeches between 2007 and 2015, Cardinal Tauran reveals his convictions on the absolute necessity of inter-religious dialogue, his vision of Islam today, as well as his combat for Eastern Christianity. But this book does more; it invites us to share his deepest spiritual meditations on Christianity, the future of faith, and peace in the world.

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Religions et société

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