Couverture de « ÊTRE PÈRE, J’Y CROIS »


A contemporary meditation on fatherhood by a religious author with tremendous public appeal.
We are accustomed to seeing this author blowing ecclesial secrets, or calling into question the « courtly » Church denounced by Pope Francis. Here,… Read more  he proffers a short and poignant spiritual meditation on paternity. What does it mean to be a father? It is by no means an innate talent. A certain degree of investment, and simply being present, is required; as well as special attention to the other acknowledged as son or daughter.
Not only did the Christian God reveal himself as a father, but he is the only God bold enough to risk being rejected by his offspring, without however condemning them… This book, whose strength derives from an intense meditation of the Lord’s Prayer, displays a modest and respectful concern for the humblest and most vulnerable among us.
It explains how there are different ways of being a father, whether biological, adoptive or spiritual… All fatherhood is dual-natured: both helping the child to grow and building trust.
« I believe that anyone who is a father is very close to God, though they may not always know it. »

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A définir / Temporaire

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