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A call for Christian responsibility today
In this new and extremely readable little book, the theologian first explains why he has remained a Christian and a Catholic. He then goes on to expound the necessity of the Christian faith, especially… Read more  today. To believe is useful… and to believe in Jesus Christ is to believe in an original manner, in history and in our private, community and social lives.
The author recounts how the pastoral teaching of the new pope, and his actions, stress the usefulness of faith and the force of Christ’s love in society and in humanity.
An intimate little book, yet it is a powerful reminder that the Christian faith is also a proposal to take action: to serve the world and one’s brothers and sisters in humanity, to help the most vulnerable, to nourish the exhausted and to give the strength of hope to the discouraged. Isn’t that what we so badly need today?

Author : Joseph Doré

Collection: A définir / Temporaire

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N°EAN 9782227487611
Format 123 x 178 mm
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A définir / Temporaire

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