Dieu n’est pas ce que vous croyez

Couverture de « Dieu n’est pas ce que vous croyez »


10 years after his first success, Jean-Marie Ploux completely revises his reflection on the reception of God in contemporary society
The first edition of this book, which appeared in 2008, was a great success with readers and received the Prix… Read more  des libraires Siloé. It also sparked off many debates, inspiring meetings and discussions all over France.
Today, Jean-Marie Ploux brings us more than a new edition – this is a new book on the same subject, taking account of the changes and evolutions in society and in the Church.
He presents new ideas about the Church and the changes we hope to see. More than ever, this God who invites us to become closer to others, so that they become our neighbours – who goes as far as to become one of us – is sending a message that runs against the grain of our times, yet promises salvation. This little treatise on the identity of God is both striking and clear.


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Themes: GodSpirituality

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