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This book is indeed an event, as Father Moingt insists in his preface… It is a detailed investigation into the symbolic representations of the sexes and power in Biblical texts, in the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and in the history of… Read more  Christianity and society. It is also an uncompromising study of the inner workings of the patriarchal hierarchy and their often dramatic impact on people’s lives. No stone has been left unturned: denial, the practice of secrecy and scandals are frankly explained and denounced.
This extremely well-conducted investigation dismantles the patriarchal system defended by the Church, which is still socially active. Not only does this system perpetuate the injustice of the domination of male over female, but it is based on a general denial of sexuality and tragic representations of the genders that are often the cause of distressing scandals at the very core of the institution itself.

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Essais religieux divers

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