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This captivating essay will totally revise our way of looking at one of the greatest figures of religious history
Who was Moses? There are many possible answers to that question, as explained here by Thomas Römer, one of the most distinguished… Read more  specialists of Exodus and the Pentateuch. Prophet, law maker, intercessor, liberator…Moses didn’t hesitate to kill with his own hands those who rebelled against the laws he had passed down in the name of his God. He freed his people from slavery; was the first person to receive the name of God… He belongs to several cultures. Freud was to say ‘Moses invented the Jew’. Without Moses, there would be no Judaism, no Christianity, no Islam!
In this essay, Thomas Römer initiates us to reading the mysteries of his character by following the narrative in the Book of Exodus, of which he provides his personal and original translation. With great talent, the author presents and discusses the most recent theses and hypotheses from Biblicists, historians and archaeologists. He conveys an authentic culture of the biblical Moses as perceived in the Hebrew texts, as well as archaeological, historical, artistic and philosophical sources.
The story of the liberation of his people in Egypt is the object of a special study, with new interpretations.


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