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How to understand the 3 great monotheistic religions through artworks
Imagine if you were obliged to convey the essence of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in 6 expressive images? Just six, no more. Which would you choose? And for what reasons?… Read more  And what do they tell us about the religions they represent?
This challenge, claims François Boespflug, is perfectly possible, and moreover very useful. Pictorial imagery is a language in its own right, and one through which the Abrahamic religions have powerfully expressed themselves. Readers can grasp the essential beliefs of these religions through 6 artworks from the cultural heritage of each faith.
This volume, both a pedagogical work and fine art book, is catechistic in its own way as well as interreligious. It permits us to discover those fundamental images which, throughout the centuries, have expressed and represented the spiritual and theological message of the 3 monotheistic religions.

Author : Françoise Bayle

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A définir / Temporaire

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