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An Iconographic History of God,from the origins to nowadays by François Boespflüg
This book presents a truly original history of the Christian God through iconographic, pictorial and sculptural representations from Antiquity up to the present… Read more  day. The author, who has been conducting iconographic research on an unprecedented scale over the past 30 years, tells the story of God, using as a guideline creations inspired by divinity throughoutthe centuries and epochs. It is a little-known story indeed,with its own specific logic; often bearing no relation to the politicaland cultural histories of the societies concerned. As a result, the reader is invited to discover a new history of God.For a long time, theologians did not consider images as being of prime importance; while art historians studied them according to their own criteria (style, attribution, restoration, conservation…) However, the representation of God in art, even today, is a highly controversial issue. From one era to another, it has inspiredcontradictory reactions and is even a subject of discord betweenthe monotheisms and different Christian denominations. Presenting them in chronological order, the author introduces usto the most outstanding images, both sources of conflict and objectsof interpretation for the 3 great monotheisms, but also those more unexpected and secret representations which once drastically altered our concept of God.

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Essais religieux divers

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