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Many of us have wanted and attempted to read the Bible from cover to cover – and many of us have thrown in the towel, for the Bible is not a novel, and neither is it a history book or a catechism. Reading it requires considerable clarification in… Read more  the fields of theology, history, literature, exegetics and linguistics. It is difficult to grasp anything without some notion of how the biblical texts have been received over the great expanse of more than 2,000 years.
The historical exegete, theologian and effusive man of letters, Pierre- Marie Beaude, has imagined a lengthy correspondence over the space of three years between an uncle, an erudite Biblical scholar, and his niece, who is inquisitive, enthusiastic and nonconformist. They make a pact whereby both will read the entire Bible during the next three years, discussing every aspect of it, asking every question and seeking every answer and recounting their every reaction. We are invited to share their rich and frank exchange – rich in unexpected developments – on the history of the texts, the adventures of its heroes and the mysteries and the enigmas of the Scriptures…
The result is this unique book told in two voices, an absorbing, dynamic and exhaustive work and a genuine exploration of the Biblical stories. Historical, literary and exegetical erudition is conveyed with panache, and the desire to pass on this exceptional heritage to today’s readers.

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