Comment la Bible fut écrite

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State of the art knowledge of the Bible: its origins, its history, its signification
There can be no better introduction to reading the Bible than to learn howit was written and assembled: that conviction is central to this initiatory book by… Read more  one of today’s finest exegetes and historians.In this entirely revised edition, Pierre Gibert presents the latest discoveries. Who were the authors of the Bible? How were the texts assembledand transmitted? How should we understand the history of biblicalinterpretation? This book is the best antidote for preconceived ideasand mistaken concepts, as well as just plain ignorance of the Bible.No, the Bible is not a single book but a library made up over severalcenturies. It wasn’t written in one go. It recounts past times just as historians or archaeologists do, but from a very different viewpoint.

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