Tous les élèves peuvent réussir !

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Why have the great principles of school (teach the CEO’s child the same way we do the blue collar worker’s) failed to the point that inequalities at school have never been so striking? How can we defeat educational failure?
Monique… Read more  Aquilina refuses to think of failure at school as an inevitability, and states that while not all students will get into Polytechnique, all have a right to excellence—to make the most of their abilities. According to her, there is no other solution to make school evolve but to give more value to pedagogical innovation, teamwork, extracurricular activities,… Her strength? Her decision to implement those principles at Lycée Galilée, in Gennevilliers, yielded surprising results.
A striking book that upsets many preconceived notions.

Author : Monique AQUILINA

Collection: Education

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Themes: éducation

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