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After thirty years of deconstructing them, Christophe Dejours recognizes the harmful consequences on mental health of administrative work organisation, widespread since the 80s. Unfortunately, for the last ten years, history has been proving him… Read more  right with an increasing number of suicides in firms and in different sectors. That is the subject of the first part of this book which takes stock of the situation: strangely similar working conditions in a reanimation department of a public hospital and in a telephone firm, as well as all the resulting and ever-more-serious errors in both the public and private sectors.
If, alas, that explosion of suffering in the workplace is recognized today, even by employers who have no desire to handle suicides, it is also the responsibility of the researcher to offer new organisational possibilities and, indeed, to prove that they work. That is the purpose of the second part of the book, which relates the experience of his seven-year activity alongside an economist in a firm. We can also read of the progressive reorganisation of work and the benefits in terms of mental health of course, but also in economic results.
In this book, Christophe Dejours gives politicians all the keys to change the world of work at last, and, in doing so, to change society.

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