La transition fulgurante

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This essay presents a hypothesis for our consideration: that we are not simply living in a time of crisis, but the dazzling transition of the old world to a new one. No one can predict exactly the nature of this transformation, the most rapid we… Read more  have ever experienced. Its speed is the result of a combination of factors: the techno-scientific revolution, a new paradigm of modes of cooperation between man and machine and a transition towards a more creative economy.
Pierre Giorgini clearly describes the articulations of this transformation and its effects on our way of living and thinking. But most importantly, this book looks hopefully towards the new world, a world in which man’s place will of course be radically changed but, at the same time, each one of us will be co-responsible for that change, as players of different interconnected communities.
The digital, global world, with its ultra-rapid connections, in which the work of rational data management will be increasingly automatized, can not only lead to more productivity, but especially to unprecedented importance given to tasks that develop creativity and innovation.
“Man isn’t just the client of databases and information servers, he is both their source and their receiver. The very notion of organised society has been shifted. The exercise of subjectivity and the imaginary could be radically altered, posing the question of the subject’s becoming.”

Author : Pierre Giorgini

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