La santé augmentée : réaliste ou totalitaire?

Couverture de « La santé augmentée : réaliste ou totalitaire? »


As a doctor, theologian and moralist, Marie-Jo Thiel has closely followed the latest evolutions in medical research and today’s medicine, which no longer strives simply to diagnose, relieve and cure, but also seeks to repair, regenerate, even to… Read more  transform and augment the human being. Medicine has been radically changed by the evolution of science (biotechnologies, robotics, nanotechnologies) and by IT in general, which is now transforming human existence…
But isn’t there a ‘totalitarian’ dimension in a health system that affects the entire human being? Can its promises be realistic? Are they feasible, even desirable? This fascinating book offers open answers to these essential questions. It examines our desire for total control of our bodies, our fears of vulnerability, our symbolic and religious resources and our relation to suffering, among other things.
Ultimately it asks this question: how can we follow these extraordinary developments in the medical sciences while protecting our concept of the human being?

Author : Marie-Jo Thiel

Collection: Essais religieux divers

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