La paix soit avec toi

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A Muslim and a Catholic theologian open up about their point of view regarding the culture of peace in their respective religions, in answer to the worries that can be heard all over (but especially in the North): « France is turning Muslim! There… Read more  are too many veiled women around! »
A graduate of Al Azhar University and l’école de la République, Othmane Iquioussen belongs to the new and young generation of imams currently officiating in France, and expresses his desire to live together and respect national values.
Christian Defebvre is agrégé in History and Geography and a specialist of Comparative Religion, and observes the recent evolution of European Catholicism and Islam in favor of peace and the acceptance of the other’s truth.
In this powerful book, they assert their belief that religions can offer an education to peace.

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Essais documents divers

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