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Progress in techniques such as assisted reproductive technology has revolutionised neonatal services over the past few years: the number of premature births is constantly on the increase, as it becomes possible to save lives that would once have… Read more  been lost. But beyond these facts, what do we know about these babies, their abilities, their sensitivity, the construction of their subjectivity during those months when they are dependent on a machine, or of the bonds they form with parents or health carers?
These are the factors treated by Catherine Vanier, the first psychoanalyst to enter a neonatology service where technique primes over all other considerations. In this book, she recounts her work with those infants, their parents – mothers in particular – wounded by the violence of the birth, and with the healthcare teams. She also tells of people she has met and the stories of some of those babies; those of Grégoire, Nora and Alice show us how important speech is, right from the start of these hastily delivered lives. She warns against some of today’s temptations, such as an ultra-efficient incubator that would reproduce the intra-uterine world as closely as possible and maintain the infant in isolation, a horrible fate for a baby, already born, and in search of links for life.

Author : Catherine Vanier

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Themes: birthpsychology

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Essais documents divers

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