L’insurrection des vies minuscules

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To counter today’s pervasive pessimism, the Chaplin hypothesis!
At a time when the critical state of our political scene is constantly being discussed in the most pessimistic terms, Guillaume le Blanc brings us an astonishing hypothesis… Read more  which, like its namesake, is both original and entertaining: the Chaplin hypothesis.
Chaplin invented the vulnerable witness to his times; one who, despite teetering on the edge of the abyss, somehow manages to survive. His character of the Tramp belongs to that zone of humanity whose lives are insignificant in our eyes. And yet, when we watch Modern Times, The Kid or The Great Dictator, it is he who calls into question the social divisions between the great and the humble, the centre and the periphery, the accepted and the excluded, the normal and the pathological. Do we really have to work to live? What does it mean to be in love? Or to be a father? Are we obliged to be patriotic citizens?
That is the Chaplin hypothesis: to challenge the norms of the world we all live in so that it belongs to all of us, to make it easier to share, to invent and reinvent democracy. Doesn’t the ultimate strength of Chaplin and his creation lie in his ability to divert us from that nihilism which appears, once again, to be hovering over us?


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