L’image peut-elle tuer ?

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Today, the power of the social networks seems to be teaming up with barbarianism; opening up a new reign of the image. The constant repetition of visualised violence inspires horror and terror, and sometimes, among the most fragile, emulation. Can… Read more  we measure this increased power of the image and does it date from the recent technological evolutions?
Marie José Mondzain has always been interested in the power of the image, even since those prehistoric drawings in caves, or the political exploitation of the image since the beginning of Christianity, its essential relation to humanity as well as its destructive forces. Here, she reflects on those situations where the image redeems, and those where it leads humanity to its fall. To treat the delicate question of images and terrorism today, we must go through this reflection on the power of the image in general, establishing the distance that alone can save us from hypnotism.
We cannot struggle against the violence of an image by banning it, or ignoring it, we must learn to look at it differently.

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