La méthode de l’égalité

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The first-ever book of interviews with one of today’s most distinguished thinkers.
A man of letters and lover of the cinema, Jacques Rancière has been working since the 60s/70s on a philosophy of emancipation, i.e. that everyone should take… Read more  part in the practice of thinking, and consequently in the government of the city. Critical of those intellectuals who claim exclusive possession of the truth, he advocates the abandon of the traditional distinction between the knowledgeable and the ignorant. In this book of interviews, Dork Zabunyan and Laurent Jeanpierre discuss with the philosopher his biography, his work and his vision of the world. With them, we rediscover his years of training, his intellectual itinerary, Foucault, the cinema; but also events and issues of our shared history such as the Algerian War, the Communist party, the events of 1968, or the Arab rebellions, political ecology and giving foreigners the right to vote…
A life that’s anything but exemplary, a life devoted to the exercise of philosophy, i.e. to the emergence of possible new worlds.

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Essais religieux divers

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