Passer par le désert : sur les traces de Charles de Foucauld

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‘Charles de Foucauld’s life was not a conventional one, but a life marked by ruptures; that’s what makes it so interesting.’
An irresistible read, like a journalistic investigation or a travelogue. Sébastien de Courtois makes the same… Read more  journey, meeting different witnesses -religious, military, historians, travellers, Sufi masters- to give a present-day account of the extraordinary adventure of Charles de Foucauld’s life, cast between eccentricity and conversion, military feats and passionate meditation, in his encounter with Christ and Islam.
This exploration of a life and a heritage also bring us face to face with today’s realities in the Middle East: radical Islamism, wars, refugees, Palestine…

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Essais religieux divers

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