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From 1974 to 2008, in various ministerial posts, the Presidency of the European Parliament and ultimately France’s Constitutional Council, Simone Veil made her mark on French political life in many ways. One of France’s favourite politicians,… Read more  she based her commitments on the values passed on to her by her parents: tolerance, the respect of each human being and of all identities, humanist values that Judaism represented for them. This book contains the great speeches she wrote throughout her political life. Their force and their modernity is astonishing, whether she is writing about Europe, women’s rights or the memory of the Holocaust. They reveal a personality whose intelligence is as great as her sensitivity, and who has never ceased to be inhabited by the ever-present, even obsessive memory of the six million Jews exterminated during the Second World War. Photos, many published here for the first time, by Philippe Ledru, a photographer who has become a friend of Simone Veil, complete the book.

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