Dialogue sur l’histoire et sa transmission

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In 2004, on the occasion of their respective anniversaries – 80 and 90 years – France Culture and Emmanuel Laurentin organised a meeting between Jacques Le Goff, specialist of the Middle Ages and Jean-Pierre Vernant, historian of Ancient Greece.… Read more 
During these meetings, the historians recall their teachers, their career paths and their research at the Ecole des hautes études, the CNRS or Collège de France, both aware of how lucky they were to find open institutions ready to receive them and break down the barriers between disciplines.
They also discuss their work, the way in which their generation examined questions that the present pose and the relation between the history they have produced and contemporary society.
Just after Jacques Le Goff’s death, we reread this conversation with emotion and we assess the free
heritage that these two thinkers have bequeathed to today’s generation.

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A définir / Temporaire

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